The Last Raindrop

The rain falls and laughter fills the air from up high, like hidden cherubs giggling in the suspended light above the dark clouds, but I know that it is the rain that laughs. I know because I speak with them, but do not laugh.I wish that I could feel the same happiness at the thought that I will be free, but I am comfortable here, snuggled safely into my cloud.

I look down hoping that I will be caught up in the roaring laughter of the crowd, but my heart jumps back. I clutch the slippery sheets of my cloudy bed. I am frightened. Through the laughter I hear the screams ringing like a bell. They plummet towards the ground.

It is such a short freedom. I know that I will be lifted up to my cloud again soon, but that experience of dropping. I am afraid. I am scared of being lost, but I am going. I am letting go, loosing grip. The earth is pulling me down towards it.

I let go and close my eyes.




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