The End of Summer

He sat on the low cement wall separating the beach from the road, his hands flat against the wall to support his back, as he faced the ocean. Despite the heat of summer, his dark blue sweater was zipped up all the way and hood pulled up to cover his strait black hair. He looked like the only person at the beach who wasn’t having any fun.

“Would you like to leave?” his older companion asked.

This friend was much taller than the hooded youth. He had the perfect build, a mohawk of orange hair, and a ring in his lip. The salty breeze carried the conversation to where she stood on the front porch of Sunny’s beach resort holding a tray of free water bottles.

“No. Let Zack enjoy himself,” the hooded guy said.

A younger boy, who must have been the hooded guys younger brother, was running around the beach kicking up sand as if trying to create enough amusement for the three of them. It almost seemed to work since every now and then the boy on the wall would give a faint smile, but his gaze would soon shift back to the shallow waters.

The girl standing on the front steps of the beach house considered the water she was holding. Making a decision, she put the tray down on the railing, and picked up three of the water bottled. She walked towards the teens. They didn’t noticed her until she was right beside them, then they regarded her curiously. She held up one of the water bottles.

“I have some extra water if you want some,” she said.

The oranges haired one gave her a smile.

“Thanks,” he said taking one.

He accepted the other waters for his companions, and passed one to the young brother. The boy held the bottle away from himself as though it was poison. Then, he brought is closed, unscrewed the top, and took a sip.

“Eww,” he said holding it away. “Botled water tastes funny.” He started to tip it over and the older boy took hold.

“Don’t pour it out. Someone else might want it.”

“Like who?”

The boy who had been sitting on the wall took the bottle from the kid. Then he looked at her.

“You should go back,” he told her.

She felt cheated by his words, but he hadn’t finished speaking.

“You don’t want to get in trouble do you.” he said pointing to something behind her.

“Tiffany, come help me pull the lawn chairs in!” a familiar voice called out.

Tiffany turned around and saw her coworker down on the beach beside the lawn chars, looking their way.


She ran back over to help .

“Sorry,” she said grabbing one end of a chair.

“Who were you talking to?” her friend asked as they lifted the chair up the steps.

“I don’t really know. I just thought the water would go to waste.”

They stopped up on the porch.

“Ah, it looks like they’re leaving.”

Tiffany looked back. She was right. They had already made it back to their parked car. She looked over at the ocean. The waves curled up and swallowed the last sandy castle.

That was the end of the summer season.



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