Public Face

“Can you help me with this case. We’ve been working it for weeks and getting nowhere.”

As usual, the master investigator was sitting on his couch in his office reading the morning news. He had not stepped out into public eyes for quite some time now as he claimed to be out with a cold. Meanwhile, his assistant Miles was taking on an overflowing portfolio of cases. It was this portfolio that he now held in his hand.

“I’ll do it myself, so stop pissing away my credibility,” Roderick said turning away to take hold of a glass of mineral water on the side table.

“Your credibility,” Miles exclaimed, “Who do you think has been the one telling the clients that you’re out with a cold.”

“Yes. My credibility,” Roderick said, putting down the glass and holding his hand out for the portfolio. “Your the assistant.”

Miles let the portfolio go and Roderick flipped through the contents.

“Yes, I see,” Roderick said, “This should have been solved weeks ago.”

He got himself up from the coach and approached the hallway to pick up his coat. The phone in the lobby rang. Roderick paused with one arm through the sleeve, and reached to pick up the receiver.

“Cunningham Detective Agency,” the detective announced.

“Is this…is this Laberodux,” the womans voice stuggled to pronounce.

“Yes it is. Laberodux Cunningham the Second. Famous detective.”

Miles frowned at the pronunciation.

“I told you to have it officially changed,” Miles complained behind him, “Nobody can pronounce that name.”

Roderick ignored him, cradling the phone to his ear. With Miles it was their usual ongoing argument. He listened to the lady describe her case. By the time the lady had finished he had stopped listening.

“I’m handing you over to my assistant. Dear Miles,” he explained, “He understands these matters.”

Roderick held the phone away from himself.

“Miles. This lady seems to have lost her cat. If you wold please talk her through the process of finding it, I will go investigate your crime scene.”

Miles reluctantly accepted the phone and exchanged a few questions to better understand what she had been telling the great detective. He immediately held the phone must against his shirt to address Roderick who was getting out the door.

“This isn’t a cat in a tree,” Miles exclaimed, “She’s missing her child. Don’t you walk away from me!”

The door was shut between then. Miles reluctantly raised the receiver.

“Is everything alright?” the woman on the other end asked.

“It’s alright madam. I will be over right away.”


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