Headcases and Webcases

“Melanie. Open the door.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t hear her. It would take me about 45 more years before my ears went deaf from listening to music at slightly higher than normal volume and before I went blind from nonstop video watching. No. I heard her. Always did. But I had 14 reasons for why I should not go outside today.

“Unless there is a medical emergency, zombie apocalypse, or chicken pox outbreak I don’t see why I need to leave.”

“Vitamin D doesn’t come from computer radiation, you know,” my sister said.

“The only people who care about that junk are nerds.”

“Says the neet, troll, fungus that you are.”

“Just accept your title oh mighty one.”

“What’s so exciting about ignoring me anyways.”

The light of the computer flickered off with inactivity. Light floated past the drawn curtain as I sat with my headphones around my neck. There had been 14 reasons why I should not go outside. Making my sister upset had not been one of them.

“Give me a minute.”

“You mean an hour,” my sister accused.

“No,” I said. “I watch the clock well enough. I’ll be out.”


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