Dancing with Ghosts is a New Adult Novel that tells the story of Patricia, a young girl struggling with her own personal demons after moving from a small town to the big city of Toronto for her first year of university. There, she begins a tumultuous romance with Derek, a fellow classmate, and her mental health suffers when the relationship turns abusive.

Emerging writer Emily Gillespie is working with York University’s fourth year publishing students to bring Patricia’s story to life. Her debut novel poignantly illustrates the obstacles that students like Patricia face when seeking help for their mental health issues. As a Gender Equality major, Gillespie took care not to romanticize the toxic relationship between Patricia and Derek. “This is not a love story,” she says. Instead, it is a story about growing up, about a girl who loses herself and finds herself again along the away.

York University’s independent press, Leaping Lion Books, will be publishing Gillespie’s devastatingly honest coming-of-age story this March.



EMILY GILLESPIE was born in Welland, Ontario. She completed a degree in English and Social Justice at Nipissing University and a Master’s degree from York University. She currently resides in Toronto and works at a non-profit organization that advocates putting an end to gender-based violence.


Where to Learn More…


Snapchat: dancingwghosts


Instagram: dancingwithghosts



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