12311142_10153749813249049_2608482417758601851_nYou will know me as Denny B. Reese.

I grew up in Whitby ON, nestled between the mystery of Toronto and the perseverance of Oshawa, as I saw it.

My love of the fantasy genre grew as I read the work of authors including Tamora Pierce, Emily Rodda, Mary Stanton, Holly Black, and Jonathan Stroud.

I like to describe my creative style as a blend of fantasy realism that uses fantastic elements to emphasize social issues, moral dilemmas, and existential questions. I have been told that I can convey a lot of meaning in a short amount of space.

English was one of my worst subjects, but this challenge only made the idea of writing more exciting. In grade twelve I decided that English was the subject for me and after my graduation I entered the Bachelor of English program at Nipping University. My style and ability to craft literature improved as I was exposed to a variety of texts, but I struggled with my identity as a writer. Many of the early stories I wrote were written without structure which made it very difficult to smooth them out. I was also dumbly concerned that most of my writing was taken up by dialogue when other books focused on description.

Now I know that for me writing isn’t about a continuous flow of words. Writing is writing the first chapter, stopping to consider, writing down bullet points about what could happen next, expanding the points, and then taking a break to consider how my characters are feeling and how the world will be constructed. It is a lengthy process, but the years of writing are more than worth it.

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