Dinner for One

I rest my tired shoulders against the cold brick wall, hold my lighted cigarette up to the dusty sky, and exhale my worries. People say that small restaurants have a family feel. All the small talk makes it cozy, but it’s only small talk, I say.

The Tower of Beginnings

“Sorvia went home,” Nyomi said sadly. “But…how can you be sure. You never saw where he went. The portal could have gone anywhere.” “He wanted to go home. The portal inscription says it will send them home so it’s better to believe he got to where he wanted. Besides, it’s not like I didn’t try before. My hand won’t go through a portal. Just like we cannot leave this tower.”

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

She sat at the table threading pearls to a string while she imagined ladies with piled hair and hoop dresses draped from head to heel in such elegant strands. After each pearl she tied a small red knot to set it apart. And that snugly in place her wandering hands sought out the next pearl … Continue reading Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

No Escape

The portal lay jagged and red over the battlefield, and Nin watched it in horror and fascination as she lay wounded by an arrow to her side. Her hand pressed to the injured flesh where the arrow still stuck, her fingers slick with blood. Her breathing ragged and slow as she waited for a death … Continue reading No Escape

And They All Fell Down

A boy watched the spin of a blue top. Spin. Wobble. Rest. He reached over and gave another spin. A blue whir of excitement defying all gravity. Charlie, his mother called from the kitchen. The boy looked up as the top fell down. I know your worried about your father, but come set the table. … Continue reading And They All Fell Down

Christmas at Grans

A book slips from a hand, with a quiet thunk to the carpet and a girl opens her eyes to a quiet morning. A cold has settled in the room and snow drifts by her second story window. The quiet echoes back the words of her story, the strings of words leading her down pine … Continue reading Christmas at Grans

Out of Probable Things

Some days the rain is the only calm I get. It washes the colors clean, when I see through a fog, and keeps all but the memories at bay. So what if I was supposed to let go. There are times when I can't even be happy, can't even feel anything. If feeling hurt tells … Continue reading Out of Probable Things

Headcases and Webcases

“Melanie. Open the door." It wasn't that I didn’t hear her. It would take me about 45 more years before my ears went deaf from listening to music at slightly higher than normal volume and before I went blind from nonstop video watching. No. I heard her. Always did. But I had 14 reasons for … Continue reading Headcases and Webcases

Luck Indeed

Beauty. They call you and you would not believe how appearance rested the world at your feet. There was no rest, or very little, to be had in a life that gave the privilege of working 9 to 5, or rather nigh forever. Then the luxury of home cooked meals. So if between life's trials … Continue reading Luck Indeed