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We Dream of Books 

Description: We are avid book readers with a deep and unhealthy obsession for all-things literary, and we’re bringing our passion to the world. Reading has the power to transport you to places you can only dream of. Adventurous settings and romantic affairs. Mysterious and alien worlds. Entire universes, created through the imagination of the author. We love finding new and exciting stories to consume our time – and inspire our lives. Come join us as we fall down the rabbit hole, go through walls and wardrobes, and climb into the magical world of novels.

Monika Trzeciakowski

Description: A collection of my thoughts and published works.

She has posted some beautiful images related to her life adventures.

Friend Books

How to Trick the Devil


How to Trick the Devil tells stories of trickery and deception; of monsters lurking in unexpected places; of the lengths we might go to get what we want. Much more than your average deal-with-the-devil tale, the talented authors in this collection explore the motivations behind the choices we make, be it out of fear, greed, or desperation.


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