He tore the card in half.

“I don’t need it anymore,” he told her.

The girl, so much a stranger, yet already so familiar could not take her eyes off. But it was something simple wasn’t it. He didn’t need it anymore.

“Ah, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ll go. Ya, I’ll go,” she fumbled.

Then she dashed off.

“It’s just a piece of paper,” he said after her.

He scattered it to the ground.

“Such a killer,” a familiar voice said.

The Stranger walked around the outside of the bridge to find his brother leaning against the side, he had slimmed down considerably since his last appearance as he had discarded excess clothing. Now, he stood scraping the dirt from under his fingernails.

“You didn’t even read the back,” the older brother continued, “Hope you meet him. It was such a nice invitation to someone.”

The brother paused and looked for the reaction of his younger sibling.

“I don’t know-

“Oh please, you haven’t grown up at all. Selfish and scared. Even the reason you’re here to see me is for your selfishness.”

“I’m not scared,” The Stranger insisted.

And he wasn’t. He was just…The answer never came as his brother lunched forward and grabbed hold of the coaler of his jacket, rolled it tight.

“What did you come back here for!? Was it to die? I can help you with that.”

“No,” he said putting a hand on one of his brother’s arms, “Let go you’ll t-

His brother tugged the coller again.

“So then your living.”

“I’m living,” The Stranger insisted.

They held eye to eye. Then his brother let go and turned away.

“Only a child would believe that,” he said shaking his head. He turned back. “You’ve always avoided finding a reason. You placed everything in others hands. Don’t come back here.”

Don’t come. Then was he supposed to-his brother was the one who left, who left him. The Stranger didn’t understand. He leaned heavily against the wall as his head spun, and the thoughts, and the wants filled every corner.


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