His concern came only after opening the door to see who was waiting, and waiting they were. Sitting in a chair and facing the door was the very owner of gun he held in his hand.

“Well, aren’t you going to shut the door,” the alleged criminal said.

The Stranger reached behind for the doorknob and shut it.

“Quiet places are nice aren’t they?” Oliver said.


“I thought you might get here first. Allow me to explain,” he said pulling something from his pocket.

It was a card for some sort of group.

“They’ve been slipping them into peoples pocket’s lately. These so called freedom fighters.”

The Stranger knew he should be paying attention, but he was still remembering the clumsy boy.

“The perfect cover,” he whispered.

The criminal smiled.

“Did you enjoy it? Miss me.”

No. He was dangerous. The Stranger lifted the gun level.

“Miss who?” The Stranger said.

“You will find that unnecessary. My job ends with the girl. It’s just that we can’t tolerate those who snoop around. Her father, Odalas, is perfectly safe. Oh, and your brother is doing fine,” he said with a yawn, “Ah excuse me.”

The Stranger lowered his weapon.

“As if you would know.”

The boy smiled sadly.

“This is your warning. If you get involved, we are going to take you back.”

That said Oliver lifted himself from the seat, put the chair back facing the table, and went to climb out the nearby open window. The Stranger took several slow paces towards the window and slid it shut. He set the gun on the windowsill and left the house from the front door. No one noticed.

He wandered back to the bridge to find the girl who had called him shy crouched beside the bridge. She had been watching the ground in thought, but when she heard his approached she lifted her head.

“There you are,” she said standing.

“Did my brother come by already?” he asked.

“No. You dropped this out of your pocket,” she said holding out the small card.

He looked at it. The exact same card.

“Is something wrong?” the girl asked.

He made himself reach out and take it.

“No,” he said putting on a fake smile.


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