The Hiding World Trilogy

Book 1: The Broken Court

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This was her chance to start over.

A teenage girl is kidnapped for the amusement of high society fey and dumped on the outskirts of town after having lost her memory. She is then discovered by the last influential ruler of the unseelie court, Lord Naruze, who would not care except that the girl seems to see a past that he has alway wanted. Naruze asks his warlock friend Tarin to make her his apprentice.

Selene is brought to the fey realm and soon convinced of her role as Tarin’s student, however, Naruze is not the only one to take an interest. Other influential people try to bring her to their side despite the fact that she does not seem special in the least. As her insecurities about who she really is grow, Selene finds herself turning to an unexpected source, a dark and tempting voice in her own mind.

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