The car slid through the rain, holding its own at 80 kilometers of high-speed travel. Headlights flashed past through the dark as ruby red tail lights lured her forward.

A heartbreaking song was playing loudly on the radio. She was just wondering if she was driving too fast when she realized that there was no right place to go. Home as she knew it, that solitary place of her own, was not the same.

It would have been nice to return to the cold of her old house, to an unexpected family reunion. There was something natural about sliding open the door to a childhood home, an open invitation.
Thinking this she saw the neon glow of a fast food restaurant. Her foot reached for the break, the car pulled off the road and between white painted lines. The engine cut. She dug out her phone with cold fingers, dialed the wavy numbers under the spotty lights, and held it to her ear, taking in the long rings like drags on a cigarette. Until something clicked.

“Hi mom.”


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