Back then when the sun misted off the lake and the ducks paddled around in troups, I didn’t think anything of it.

Now people think about it all the time. They speak about those green trees, those gentle blue skies, and the birds of joy flying about their day.

Those days of flying are over. The airplanes were the first ta go, big gas guzzling things the experts said. Well, we don’t have gas now. It’s illegal. It finally choked us to death so we choked back and now its illegal so we walk through the tunnels. Ya tunnels. I may not be that old or smart for my generation, but I know what tunnels are. I know for as much stuff as we have down here there is twice as much up there.

The whole world is up there, but were stuck here underneath it like the moles surrounding ourselves with filters. Some you see and some you don’t. Like water filters. Those you can see churning round the muck and pissing out our life fluids. Same goes for the air. The breath of life being fed back to us out of the cotton of clouds. You will have to scuse me for my language cause I have been unimpressed by this system of life that holds us hostage down in the dark. This is where we come to the earthly filters. You see, nobody knows how life is going on up top anymore’s. That is why I decided that on my life or death I’m a going to be the first girl to walk the earth in this century. May the upper ones guide me.


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