“That girl,” the whispering one said.

It started with a glance. The lights in the school were dim so it was difficult to see, but then the creepy girl they talked about every day turned towards the whisper. Creepy girl gave a smile and went back to her business of putting textbooks away in her locker.

“She’s smiling.”

Creepy girl closed the locker, turned keeping her head down, and walked in their direction.

“Don’t look,” loud one said, pulling whisper towards the wall as the creepy girl passed them on her way to the doors outward.

“Was she still smiling?” whispering asked.

“I don’t think she was smiling at us,” loud said, letting things relax.

“Do you think she heard?”

“I’m sure she did,” loud said, “That smug thing. She’s probably smiling because she murdered someone.”

“You really think so,” whispering said.

“Of course,” loud said, slamming her locker closed.

“Who’s missing?” whispering asked, shouldering her bag.

“How am I supposed to know?” loud complained, “Let’s get out of this crappy school.”

“Anthony was missing during role call,” whisper said, following down the hall.


“So, I’m just saying.”


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