Book 1: The Broken Court

They call her Selene. All they have told her so far is that she is a warlock, Tarin is her teacher, and Lord Naruze owns the estate. She is assured by her new friend Edith that she will recover the things forgotten, but the more that Selene learns about the people that care for her, the more she suspects that she is not the person they claim.

What others are saying:

Shadows and intrigue, uncertainty and hope: these are a few of the threads Denny B. Reese has woven into the mantle of magic and mystery enveloping The Broken Court.

—Cynthia A. Morgan (Author of Dark Fey: The Reviled)

The Broken Court was extremely fun and smooth to read, and the world building is excellent. While reading I honestly felt as if I was part of the story.

—Danielle Staring, Amazon review

Her characters are both interesting and easy to sympathize with. By offering us multiple perspectives, Denny gives us a rare window to the minds of the characters.

—Stephanie Buosi, Smashwords review

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